Spruce up your coffee table

Spruce up your coffee table

After the couch, the most important piece of furniture in the living room is the coffee table. I see so many puny ones, robbed of their personalities, wiry frames with glass tops that you can’t tell from accent or side tables and that truly breaks my heart. For me, the central table is the focal point in a living room, the largest piece, the keeper of your vintage finds and family treasures, the footrest after a long day of work, sometimes with magical storage abilities when they manifest as chests or with drawers.

I have some very simple rules when it comes to styling a coffee table and I hope this little note helps you transform yours into a beautiful one.

Photo by Prachi Damle Photography for Beautiful Homes, India

Photo by Prachi Damle Photography for Beautiful Homes, India

Something tall.

Could be a curio or a vase. I love playing with different heights on a table. Anything within a sixteen inch height is a winner and helps layer your coffee table.

Something small.

I always like to juxtapose something tall with a small piece. It could be a bowl with flowers or candy or even a small box to hold essentials. Cluster the tall and small together to create more impact in either the corner or the center of the table.

Something old.

Coffee tables are the perfect showcase for your latest holiday find or family heirloom. It’s the best place for guests to notice something unique, in fact I constantly change the unique pieces on mine for variety.

Something to hold.

I love trays and boxes. Boxes are perfect to hold remotes and other knickknacks that rarely look appealing on a table- they’re also great to hide wires and the not so nice coasters. I love clustering my decor accents in trays, in case I have to move them around when I have guests over. They add both an additional layer to the table as well as make the table more accessible.

Something floral.

I love fresh flowers on the table, but if that’s not your thing and you can’t be bothered to replace them every week work, with greens or artificial flowers. They add the perfect softness to the table.

Something fragrant.

The best place to put your candles is the coffee table, not only does it ensure the most balanced spread of the fragrance, but also transforms the living area into a cosy one. Cluster an assortment in a small tray for the perfect table.

Something to read.

I love collecting books and every now and then I put out my most beautiful ones on the table. They are the one thing I don’t shy away from investing in. They also make the perfect base to stack and raise unique things on your table, plus add both color and character.


Let me know what you think of my simple notes to style coffee tables. Try this at home and don’t forget to send me photos by tagging me at #designwithdevika




Devika Narain x Room Therapy

Devika Narain x Room Therapy

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