Anika + Nabeel | The most unique wedding we have designed!

Anika and Nabeel’s wedding is by far one of the most unique weddings we have designed. Originating from Dhaka, both have traveled and lived all over the world. For their wedding they wanted to invite their friends and introduce them to the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. We worked with local artisans and craftsmen and handcrafted a beautiful wedding for them in their many homes.

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain


Welcome Dinner: Private home, Dhaka

A mad twist on the Sunderbans, the dinner was a recreation of a forest- with neon and life-sized animals of course! Each detail was locally made -in fact, the walls masking the property were hand painted by a local artist.

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain


Mehendi: Private home, Dhaka

I will never forget the first time I met Anika, it was past sunset and we met in a dimly lit hotel on Lodhi road in Delhi and in she walked with a giant blueprint. What unraveled was a home they were building outside of town, that we spent the next eight months transforming into a mehendi venue with her team. The function was spread over an entire day (the invitations were for noon and the last guest left post breakfast the next day!) and we wanted to create multiple moments of discovery for the guests. Each space was imagined differently, inspired by the venue, architecture, culture and personal preferences of the family.

The entrance imagined as a flower market led into a Mexican inspired pool lunch and a concert stage set for dinner. The tea garden was imagined as her favorite restaurant in India and the bridal area was an installation of over two thousand hand painted birds. Our favourite part of course were the surprise rooms- a room filled with marigolds, one using just prints, a perfumery and a curiosity corner.

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Wedding: Senakunjo, Dhaka

The wedding venue was perhaps the largest venue we have ever designed. A magical Persian city inspired by Tresoldi’s grand structures was created for the reception. A dreamlike city of arches and fountains with floating birds stood over the three thousand guests as local artisans performed in a stage especially built for them. Dinner was laid out in a setting inspired by Persian gardens with large pomegranate trees and details fit for an emperor.

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

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Design + Concept: Devika Narain & Company

Floral designer: Kalikaar, New Delhi

Flowers: Joy Flowers, Dhaka

Planning: Motwane entertainment and weddings.

Photo: Weddings by Ehab, Reminiscence Photography, Celebrate Once.

Special thanks to the entire team at Square, Dhaka.

Sheethal + Robin | Tree of love

Sheethal Goutham and Robin Uthappa had an intimate Christian wedding in Bengaluru in the first week of March this year. Their wedding had a small guest list that included only their closest friends who stayed for a day at the Taj West End. The ceremony was simple and was followed by speeches and a Reception later in the evening. It was a one-day affair and everything had to work beautifully to fit in that day in the memory of their loved ones.

Sheethal and Robin love a play of dates. His birthday is on 11.11 and her’s on 6.6, which is why they wanted to get married on 3.3 Fun, right? It all sounded simple, except that I met them exactly 30 days before the wedding.

Armed with a month, I had to quickly figure out what they needed. They signed me on do everything- from clothes to invitations to decor. Robin was sure he wanted a simple church ceremony- a white wedding with all the finest things. And they wanted the wedding to be simple, elegant and classic, just like them!

The first time I saw the Taj West End I fell in love with the trees. And the first time I went there, I remember how serene and beautiful the surroundings were.They have these giant trees with the most gorgeous low lying branches that hang over the lawns forming a stunning canopy of green leaves.

The ceremony took place under one of these trees- in fact, the exact one that he proposed her under (if that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is!). The ceremony area was minimal and enhanced with flowers, keeping the original beauty of the space intact. With a canvas so beautiful, it’s easier to work around creating a painting that will last a lifetime.

Sheethal walked through a series of arches specially designed for her with greens, roots, white roses and blue hydrangeas. We kept the focus away from anything that looked too “made-up” and focused only on enhancing the natural beauty of the space.

White orchids were intertwined with the greens to form beautiful vines. They were hung above the altar to form a natural canopy of greens and white flowers. The entire aisle was sprinkled with rose petals and lined with fresh roses (Sheethal loves roses!) for this white wedding. 

We added wreaths and wines of white orchids and flowy leaves to make it look like it was naturally flowering. Cascading white flowers above the altar. Just white roses and white orchids.

Customized ceremony cards with their logo (a cricket bat and a tennis racket forming a heart) were placed each chair. The big tree in the centre formed a stage and we just did not want to make it too OTT so we chose to drape a beautiful sheer drape in white on it. 

Each chair carried a bouquet of white flowers and a wooden stand decorated with baby breaths became the altar. White flowers mixed with baby breaths, the entire wedding looked ethereal and out-of-this-world. The big kiss under the raintree where Robin proposed to Sheethal was the ultimate picture-perfect moment. 

Vasudha + Pankaj | Summer

The theme for this Puja was ‘lotus’- I’ll be honest here, despite being a beautiful flower and I’m fighting my patriotic gene while saying this- it is, very unimaginative. So I sought to create something spectacular and re-imagined the theme, keeping the elements to where the flower is found, its colour and texture as the predominant feature.

The result was a fabulous contemporary take on the ‘lotus’- in the form of a pink and white space, with clean lines and lots of beautiful details.

The biggest challenge in the space was creating something fantastic in the large pre function areas of the Hyatt in Delhi. We treated each one as a prelude to the main space, and worked with water-bodies (we had four of them!), jaalis and installations to make them as spectacular as the spaces they were leading to.

Unaffected by the oval shape of the main ballroom, we created semi-circular fabric draped walls which naturally culminated into the gorgeous stage- inspired by the Puttaparthi temple in Andra Pradesh.

In an attempt to create something different, we completely did away with banquet tables. Layers of metal were beaten to create the shape of a lotus leaf from which rose tinted chrome lotuses ‘grew’ to form the centerpiece. The long tables were made of jaalis that created a beautiful lotus pattern on the floor. All set against the gorgeous mogra covered walls which not only looked beautiful, but also smelled divine.

Venue: Grand Hyatt, Delhi

Furniture and Rentals: Rama Tent House.

Structure and Technicals: Scoop

Florals: Saini Flora

Photo: Humayun Khan


Kavya + Rahul | By the sea

This season ended with an international destination wedding as we flew to Mauritius for Kavya and Rahul’s wedding.

I loved Kavya’s conviction from day one- she knew she wanted to hire me and she knew that she wanted her wedding to be vintage inspired by the beach!


The three day wedding began with a welcome mehendi lunch. The entire hotel lobby was converted into a personal space with monogrammed cushions, napkins and a bicycle.

For the sangeet, we pitched a giant transparent tent in the football field and let the night sky become our inspiration.


A cyclone hit the island right before the wedding. As we finished prepping the last cushion for the ceremony, a heavy downpour took over. Luckily, the super chilled family made the most of it and Kavya managed to have a beautiful vintage wedding by the beach.


The whole point of coming out so far is to let the guests make the most of it. Day three was a holiday for not just the guests but also a family. The Alice in Wonderland themed beach party was super fun; inspired by the book we played with scale and added loads of fun performers.

The evening was the concert night where Shankar Mahadevan performed with his troupe and guests danced till early morning.


Venue: Long Beach Hotel, Mauritius.

Wedding Planner: Horizon WEI

Rentals and Structures: Impact Production

Florals: Henna Bespoke and Cheet Flowers