My Favourite Instagram accounts

Just like you, am super guilty of spending all of my time on Instagram -zoning in on some really cute wedding ideas or keeping it fancy with those sweet DIYs or just drowning in pure puppy love and funny memes. And being a wedding planner does not mean that I’ll only look at hashtags like #indianweddings or #decorateindianweddings, I also pretty much follow everything that’s quintessentially fun and intuitively good. Because if there’s one thing I have learnt in this business, it’s the fact that inspiration can and will strike anywhere and everywhere. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, my list of awesome on Instagram and I’ll say turn on the notifications because you wouldn’t want to miss these gems.

1. Sabyasachi Official

For my daily dose of Sabya inspiration because no one quite does art and fashion together like this man. Sabyasachi will always be my go-to designer and his store my muse and that’s why this one’s never going away from my list. Maybe it is a cliche  *makes monkey covering eyes emoji*- a wedding designer who loves Sabyasachi but for me, there is inspiration there and I’ll always look forward to it. Follow him here

2. Flora Forager

Botanical artist extraordinaire who she makes gorgeous patterns with flowers. It’s a well known fact that I’m a lover of anything nature-inspired - so this one’s just a whole lot of inspiration. The artist uses petals and unique flower arrangements to make beautiful designs, ones that will stay in your head for a long while. And if you thought that she only works with exotic flowers, you are so wrong. It is the way in which she uses everyday flora that gets my attention. Follow her here

3. A Beautiful Mess

I’m sure everyone loves this account because it is full-blown inspiration for the bored mind. These two are the reason I started reading blogs and then blogging myself. Their Instagram page is testament to the super pretty life they lead and how they keep it new and exciting  every.single.time! What do you need to look at? Their DIYs and their fun food experiments. Follow them here

4. Moon Canyon

They make the most swoon-worthy floral arrangements. Some come in moving cartons, some in garden utensils and interesting ones, come together stacked up in newspaper. The way this account makes you look at decor is the only reason you should put on that notification - because there’s beauty in the simplest of spaces. Follow them here

5. Raw Mango

I’m in love with Raw Mango. There, I said it! It’s probably my biggest love and one that I don’t see waning soon, or ever! The way in which Sanjay Garg transformed Chanderi into a global phenomenon is mind-blowing and aspirational. The beautiful thing about his saris is the way they bring back vintage India with it’s all it’s glamour. What’s not to love! Follow him here

6. Daniel Machado Cruz

This wedding decorator from Rio is as fun as he is classy - he plays with elegance like no other designer I’ve come across. He has a natural style of making spaces feel natural and lived in. His work doesn’t look run-of-the-mill, his decor gives an almost “lived-in home” feel and is bursting with character. We also share a mutual love for natural greens and antique wooden furniture. I’m currently majorly crushing on his work because every picture of his showcases a part of himself. Follow him here

7. Parisian floors

One guy, lots of shoes and the most beautiful patterns. This one is so addictive because you’ll fall in love with architecture and decor in a big way. It’s so amazing how the patterns on the floors can make you look at things in a new light. There is art, symmetry and colours all mixed up like a beautiful cocktail of sorts. P.S I’m in love with his shoes. Follow him here

8. Yolo Beagles

My friend’s pups, Yoko Ono and Kylo Ren are the only therapy you need in life. Their beagle-ful feed is all you need after a tough day at work (Bonus: I get to play with them in real life too!) and see how they’re growing and thriving everyday. #Win-Win. Follow the cuties here

9. Southern Fried Paper

‘Cos they make the prettiest stationary in the world. And they shoot it amazingly well. Those who know me know that I am addicted to good fonts and impeccable showcasing - ah, I can browse through it  forever. Follow them here

10. Stories From Above

For some serious travel inspiration because the world looks so much better from above. This one is a part of a new adventure by the good people at my favourite wedding photographer’s HQ, “Stories by Joseph Radhik”. Beautiful aerial pictures guaranteed to make you book that next trip to #thenextawesomeplace featured here. Serious manna for the soul! Follow them here.