I have never felt luckier in my life! There are so many things I have to be ridiculously grateful for in 2014 (I am almost standing on top of a building, shouting this out!) A random suggestion that actually became a business, a support team who has made it all a reality, for the awesome couples who let me be a part of their big day and their families who have had such incredible faith in me, and most of all, for the fact that I wake up every day and do what I love most. I’m going to be honest here. This was my first full year on my own, and I’ll admit– it was terrifying. It’s scary relying completely on your own craft for your income, payments and all of that annoying yet necessary adult stuff. That being said, it’s also more fulfilling than anything else I’ve ever done. I love the fact that there is this teeny, tiny bit that I contribute to the world and the fact that I have something to call my very own. I love being able to plan my own day, I can work in the mornings, plan a shopping date mid-day and read through the evening hours. I can pack my bags and go for a holiday when I’m feeling uninspired and look for a new obsession. More than anything, I love that I get to design in beautiful, inspiring places all the time.

Work took me ‘abroad’ twice this year for two of my most fabulous projects. The year started with the stadium wedding in monsoon struck Mumbai and took me to the desert town of Jaisalmer, where I had the privilege of working with local artisans and craftsmen. The past year had helped me clear my head, unlearn my earlier beliefs and find a distinctive style that is all mine.

My new baby: After months of contemplation and searching, I finally found a team who has been able to design my dream. Not only do I have a fabulous new logo ( it has flowers in it :D), the website will also be up and running in a few days.

Here is a flashback of the past year, it has been such a fun journey! THANK YOU for egging me on, encouraging me and loving what I make with so much love.